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Assessing Perceptions of Library Buildings

January 10, 2022

Purpose The University Libraries’ User Experience team developed a survey to examine patrons’ perceptions of each library building’s name and services. The survey was distributed on the University Libraries’ website homepage during the summer of 2021. Improvements suggested by this … Read more

Library Chat Usage When Learning Remotely

January 25, 2021

When UNC made the decision to move classes online in March 2020, the services desks at the Libraries were no longer an option for patrons to visit with their questions. This project looks into how patrons used the library chat … Read more

User Behavior in a Time of Covid-19

April 29, 2020

When the crisis hit, the changes came quickly, communicated through emails with subject lines like “[FORMAL NOTICE] UNC-Chapel Hill reduces operations, moves to remote instruction and limits people on campus”.  While dormitories were being cleared out, UNC library administration sent … Read more

A Diary Study about Places to Study

July 19, 2019

Introduction Imagine this scenario: You’re so frustrated with a product or service that you write an angry review immediately after the experience. However, you decide not to send it. Although corporations may not be pleased with this review, they can … Read more

The Content Audit Evolution

August 24, 2018

Background As a department, one of our primary responsibilities is ensuring that the University Libraries website contributes to providing a seamless library experience for all patrons. Though the User Experience & Assessment department oversees the large WordPress and LibGuides environments … Read more

Small changes add up: Improving our Contact Us page

June 9, 2017

I always tell people I never want to do another huge website redesign – I’d much rather iterate instead. Making small improvements one page at a time is easier to do, adds up over time, and is extremely satisfying work. … Read more