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This page is a collection of resources for learning more about user experience, library UX, usability evaluation, design, or anything else pertinent.

Last updated February 26, 2016



Don’t Make Me Think by Steve Krug (2014)

A good introduction to usability for Web & mobile, this book is often given to those learning to get a start in user experience or its related fields. Very well-written and easy to understand.

Available from UNC Libraries both in print and electronically. Previous editions also available.


rocketRocket Surgery Made Easy by Steve Krug (2010)

Another well-written introductory book by Krug. Covers usability testing, the basics of running a test, how to interpret results, & how to make changes.

Available from UNC Libraries in print.



enginUsability Engineering by Jakob Nielsen (1993)

One of usability guru Nielsen’s seminal works. Goes in-depth on the definitions and meanings of usability & how to evaluate it. More academic and technical than other books on this list, but recommended for its depth.

Available from UNC Libraries in print.



ixdInteraction Design: Beyond Human-Computer Interaction by Rogers, Sharp, & Preece (2011)

A textbook used for interaction design, human-computer interaction, and user interface design courses. Covers many topics from cognition to usability to evaluation. A great book for any UX library.

Available from UNC Libraries in print. Previous editions also available.


uxlibUser Experience (UX) Design for Libraries by Aaron Schmidt & Amanda Etches

A thin & lightweight book written specifically for librarians wishing to implement user experience concepts into their service. Quick read, easy to pick up.

Available from UNC Libraries in print.




    • Nielsen Norman Group – NN/g is a UX consulting & research firm that regularly publishes articles showcasing the work they do. Jakob Nielsen’s famous newsletter, Alertbox, is found here.


    • – A site from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, provided as a resource for usability testing, evaluation, & a range of other topics.


    • UX Myths – A collected list of common myths that still exist in the UX field with appropriate references.



    • Optimal Workshop – Web-based usability testing software providing a suite of 4 tools that can be delivered remotely to users within a survey. The 4 tools include tree testing, online card sorting, first click testing, and note taking.

      A free plan is available.

    • Qualtrics – A robust survey tool that lets you build, distribute, and analyze survey results in one place.

      Available at UNC via a campus-wide license.

    • Optimizely – Web-based A/B testing tool that assists in making data-driven decisions about updates to your library site based on user interactions.
    • balsamiq – Quickly create wireframes and mockups of new website designs and online tools.

      A free version is available for do-gooders.

    • LibWizard – From the creators of LibGuides, this tool allows you to create surveys, forms, quizzes, and interactive tutorials.